Daisy Mae

Profits from current sales of Haven Hearts will be going toward a lifetime sponsorship for Daisy Mae, at Morningside Farm + Sanctuary in Veneta, Oregon.

In her previous life, Daisy Mae was used for breeding. After having a small litter her owner decided she was no longer profitable, and hoped to make a few bucks selling her for meat. Luckily the folks at Morningside Farm Sancutary, in Veneta, Oregon stepped in and offered her a lifelong home. She was pregnant, again, when she arrived on Easter day, and now gets to raise her final litter of piglets in peace and safety. She is a wonderful mother and an amazing friend. She also has a distinct maple syrup scent to her, one of the many reasons she’s the sweetest pig around. Thank you for helping us help her!

Learn more about Morningside Farm + Sanctuary at morningsidefarmsanctuary.org, on their Facebook page, and on Instagram at @morningsidefarmsanctuary.