Frequently Asked Questions

How can I stay up to date on all new product releases, partnerships, and expansion updates?
Glad you asked! Just sign up for our (very infrequent, never spammy) newsletter:

I want to help maximize the donations you can make—what's the best way for me to buy Haven Hearts?
Best option: buy them from one of our "special retail partners." These are folks who have generously offered to sell our treats with no markup! That means the whole amount you pay makes it back to Haven Hearts, and we donate all of it (minus the price of the product and our small overhead). It also saves us time spent doing distribution, and you can support them while you're there! They are marked with a golden heart on our where to buy page. Second best option: buy them directly from us, preferably signing up for a monthly subscription! And third: buy them from any of our other retailers. It's a smaller margin, but we still donate all the profits, and we appreciate you supporting shops who have decided to carry Haven Hearts.

You donate all of your profits? How exactly does that work? How do you pay your rent??
Profit is everything that's left over after the cost of running the business. In theory, that includes a modest wage for those who keep things running. However, until the business scales up significantly (which we're working hard to do), Haven Hearts will continue to be all volunteer run. Until then, side jobs will have to pay the rent, but Haven Hearts will continue to be able to keep overhead very low, and donate a huge margin of revenue to helping animals!

Where can I buy Haven Hearts?
Haven Hearts are now available from our online shop, as well as these retailer locations!

Who is that ADORABLE pup on the packaging?
The story behind our (unofficial) mascot is a sad one. I met her on the streets of Sri Lanka, and she has stayed in my heart ever since. You can see more photos of her, and read a bit more about her on this instagram post

Do you make dog food, cat treats, other flavors, or...?
Baby steps! We'd love to expand our product line, but we're starting simple. Feel free to let us know what you'd like us to make! And in the meantime we recommend V-Dog.

I know of a sanctuary that needs support, will you help them?
We'd love to connect with them! We're particularly interested in partnering with new and small sanctuaries which rescue farm animals, and that are openly pro-vegan. If there's one you love let us know!

But aren't dogs carnivores?
Actually dogs are what you'd call "opportunistic omnivores," which basically means they'll eat anything. Dogs are able to thrive on a well formulated vegan diet so, regardless of the food you feed your dog, a plant-based treat here and there is no problem. While their ancestors were carnivores, domesticated dogs are much different than they were thousands of years ago—and so is the way we produce meat. In this modern context, feeding our pups plant-based is better for them, for the environment, and for farm animals.