Helping Animals

100% of profits devoted to giving rescued animals safe haven!

Here's how it works:

100% of profits go toward a lifetime sponsorship for a rescued animal in need.

Rescue work is enormously challenging. With your help we can support the incredible work sanctuaries do — one animal at a time!

Learn about our latest beneficiary: Teacup.

...and meet all of our past sponsorships!

Right now we're also supporting Peepal Farm, an incredible stray animal rescue center and organic farm in northern India.

We also help out in other ways when we can, giving to animal sanctuaries for emergency expenses, like medical costs and urgently needed equipment.

Some of our favorites are:
- Green Acres Farm Sanctuary
- Odd Man Inn
- Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary
- Ippoasi
- Peepal Farm
- Elephant Nature Park
- Vietnam Animal Aid and Rescue
- Brightside Farm Sanctuary

Do you love a sanctuary you think could use our help? Let us know!