Profits from current sales of Haven Hearts will be going toward a lifetime sponsorship for Teacup, at Out to Pasture Farm Sanctuary in Estacada, Oregon.

“Teacup” was sold by a scam breeder who promised he’d never be more than 30 pounds. In reality all pigs are tiny when they’re born, but even potbellied pigs grow to 100 pounds or more. When Teacup outgrew his owner’s apartment, they could no longer take care of him. After leaving him alone in a backyard, and unable to find pig-friendly housing, Teacup was released to Out to Pasture Sanctuary in Estacada, Oregon. There he has all the space he needs to wander and explore (or just enjoy the sunshine), and human and pig friends who love him very much. He’s appreciated not as a novelty, but as the big personality and sensitive soul he is. Thank you for helping us help him!

Learn more about Out to Pasture Farm Sanctuary at outtopasturesanctuary.org, on their Facebook page, and on Instagram at @otpsanctuary.