Profits from current sales of Haven Hearts will be going toward a lifetime sponsorship for Magpie, at Odd Man Inn in Washougal, Washington.

Magpie had a rough start. For five years she was kept tethered in a yard, with her most basic needs left unmet. Her hooves grew to an astonishing 18 inches, making it impossible for her to even walk. Only after her goat friend died on his tether were the authorities finally called. She was taken in by the kind folks at Odd Man Inn Animal Refuge, in Washougal, Washington. And after months of tireless advocacy her abuser was convicted of animal cruelty. Her legs will never be perfect but, with medical and social rehabilitation, she's getting stronger and more trusting everyday. Despite her past she is curious and affectionate, and she will spend the rest of her days surrounded by human and goat friends, and showered with love. Thank you for helping us help her!

Learn more about Odd Man Inn Animal Refuge at, on their Facebook page, and on Instagram at @oddmaninn.