Peepal Farm Partnership

Join us in supporting Peepal Farm, a stray animal rescue, a no-till organic farm, and a women-powered small scale social enterprise.

Based in Himachal Pradesh, in the north of India, Peepal Farm does some incredible and important work. They rescue and treat injured stray dogs, cows, and others, they employ local women to make delicious food products and beautiful up-cycled crafts, and they model a low-impact lifestyle. A visit to Peepal Farm was one of the inspirations behind the founding of Haven Hearts, and we're thrilled to be able to give them some support. Typically we donate profits to a rotating list of animal sanctuaries, but all proceeds from purchases made on this page (or thiers) will go directly to Peepal Farm.

$5.99 / 6oz bag (plus S&H)
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Learn more about Peepal Farm at, on their Facebook page, and on Instagram at @peepalfarm.