The Sacramento 8


Two years ago 16 rabbits were in a lab near Sacramento, California undergoing something called the LD50 test. In order to determine a vague measure of toxicity, they were injected with increasing amounts of a new drug or chemical until 50% of them died. Those who survived — The Sacramento Eight — were handed over to the Rescue and Freedom Project, who found them a forever home at Out to Pasture Sanctuary, in Estacada, Oregon. After arriving they saw sunlight, breathed fresh air, and felt the earth beneath their feet for the first time. They can now live freely, make friends, hop around, and burrow into the ground.

With your help we’ll make sure they are happy and well fed for the rest of their natural lives.

Learn more about Out to Pasture Sanctuary at, on their Facebook page, and on Instagram at @otpsanctuary.