Having only one eye gives you a unique perspective on the world. Willie lucked out; she arrived at the feed store with a “scissor” beak and only one good eye. She was considered un t to sell, so she escaped both being “discarded” and being raised for slaughter. Instead, they surrendered her to Green Acres Farm Sanctuary in Silverton, Oregon, where she found her forever home. She was raised as a baby along with the rescued chickens there, so she never had an interest in moving in with the other turkeys. We’re so happy she got the chance to grow up loved and cared for, able to enjoy her freedom with her chicken friends. With your purchase we’ll help make sure she’s happy and well fed for the rest of her natural life.

Learn more about Green Acres Farm Sanctuary at greenacresfarmsanctuary.org, on their Facebook page, and on Instagram at @greenacresfarmsanctuary.